Back to Business Solutions was started in July 2010 by Jimmy McKenzie of Port Macquarie NSW. As a business development manager of 6 years and working various successful roles as a BDM and upper level management through 2003-2012 for some of the world's largest companies, Jimmy identified the needs of clients across all ranges of business and undertook contract roles to build, grow and effectively streamline businesses.
Now in its 3rd successful year in operation, Jimmy operates Back to Business Solutions as his sole job and works as a contract consultant to over a dozen clients in and around the Port Macquarie Hastings Region.
No matter what type of business that operates in this world, there are always going to be customers and clients that will use your services. The wall that stands in the way of this happening is usually that no one knows your business exists. You need as many people to know about your business and the services that you offer as possible. Without business awareness, why would they buy from you? Without knowledge of your prices, services and superior products, what gives your potential customer reason to use you compared to someone else they already know about? This is where Back to Business Solutions plays an integral role in developing your client base and helping your business succeed.